How I Got 5 Pounds of Candy


I’m going to tell you how I got my five pounds of delicious candy! first, my neighbor and I drew our route. We both remembered the good and bad houses from the previous year and used that info to our advantage in trick or treating. After we planned our route and wrote it down, we were ready to begin the adventure!


We started off by getting all of our neighbors, as usual, but after that is when the fun really began… we circumnavigated our neighboorhood and slowly moved outwards towards the good stuff. After getting a pretty good distance away from our homes, we came upon this house that had a massive amount of decoration and was looking like the homeowner was very serious about the holiday. We walked towards it and noticed this big cauldron on the front porch. We both knew it could only be I one thing….. we ran towards it and when we looked in, the massive amounts of candy filled our glimmering eyes. We immediately helped ourselves and felt not a single drop of guilt, because we both knew there was enough candy in here to fill tons of pillowcases (our method of storing candy) so we filled ours about half way!

After that, we got a ride to the most well-known trick or treating neighborhood in town. We filled our bags even more after that. by then it was around 9:00, and we were both tired and our feet were hurting. We went back home and traded our candy so we were both satisfied with our loot. I took my ten-pound weight, held it in one hand, held my candy in the other, and to my surprise they were about the same weight!


Thanks for reading to the end and I hope you got a lot of candy as well. also, go check out my PumpkinMasters carving kit review post down below.

Have a good day.