Acer Aspire E15


There are many different reasons I decided to purchase this computer. I will go ahead and tell you the major ones. I first wanted to be able to write blog posts on a decent laptop instead of a 1600’s mac mini set up to a TV that I made the mistake of updating it to the “latest and greatest” update for it. now it doesn’t run anything. I also wanted to produce better videos for my youtube channel (use better editors and upload faster). But I just want to do things on a computer that a phone cant do.


Now, I’m not too smart in this kind of stuff, so if you’re looking for a detailed summary and review of this computer than click away now! I will just give my thoughts and opinions so far and what I like and dislike about it.

unboxing & first look

This came in a simple cardboard box that was surprisingly flat. I opened it up and the computer sides were in smaller cardboard boxes where the top had bubble wrap stuff over it. I tore it out (carefully) and grabbed the charger, assuming it came with no battery and plugged it in. After a few seconds, it showed the best screen of my life, my first personal laptop screen, ACER was in front of a soothing green background and I was filled with excitement by then!

The set up was very fast and easy, but the one thing I didn’t know that everyone who is getting this should, is that there is a very long update process that takes place after the setup, but I didn’t know there was a small button that said go home while updating……. so I had to wait till it was at like 80 percent which took a really long time until I figured out the button. overall I think this computer is nicely designed and I love how the screen doesn’t reflect anything to. The keys light up after you press Fn, F9, at the same time and to save battery they turn off after a few seconds of no usage, but pop right back on if you hit a key. It isn’t top-heavy so it doesn’t fall down easily and it is a really nice weight. I am currently running about 10 downloads at once to get it set up, steam games, normal games, other steam games, more normal games and a few other things. I like the spongy keys and how the resolution looks.

I don’t really have any dislikings so far, except a personal problem, which is I have used Chromebooks or macs my whole life that was either a school computer, or the reason I got a new computer, and I got so used to chrome books I think it will take me some time to get used to this now.


I definitely recommend you buying this computer for the price of 350 dollars on Amazon. I love it and I hope you will love it too! thanks for reading and goodbye!