The Icam Akaso

Icam Akaso

Well, these people for sure pulled off a pretty nice fake GoPro for the price. this camera is surprisingly not horrible and works really good! for the price of around $70 on Amazon, this action cam gives you top-notch video recording, amazing wireless connection and app, easy to use functions, and overall a very nice look! one of my favorite things is that this camera supports all GoPro accessories and with its Bluetooth abilities you can stream a live video to your Ios/Android device!


so I’m just going to talk about all of its functions and capabilities.

you get up to 1080p video and 4k. picture resolution is decent but not the best. you can use all Bluetooth functions which include live streaming, remotely taking videos and pictures from your device, and saving videos from the camera to your phone. the cameras different modes are time-lapse, video, picture, and the camera comes with a remote control that can be used up to 50 feet away.

Pros and Cons

some pros: very good resolution, fast and easy Bluetooth, good battery life, multiple modes, easy settings, and works with all GoPro accessories!

some cons: not as good picture resolution, only supports up to 64 gig Sd card, very lightweight and flimsy.


Would I Recommend it?

yes! definitely! it is just such a great camera and offers so much for such a small price! here is the link for it on Amazon