How to Register Your Akai Device Without Date of Purchase

Can’t Remember Akai Purchase Date?

Hi everyone this is a short post about the problem I have seen a few people online having no online solution available. The problem is that when you go on the Akai website to register your device, it requires a purchase date to verify that you are not a robot. But I looked everywhere online and nowhere gave me an answer, so I decided to play around with it myself and I entered a random date about 5-10 days before I bought it from someone else who didn’t know the date. It worked! So if you just enter a date a few days before you received it (however you did) it should allow you access!

Akai’s site:


The $30 Dollar Drone, Syma X5C

The Drone

So. I got this $30 drone for Christmas last year at my grandparent’s house, and from the first look, it was great! This was the best drone for the price at that time and after I opened it up and checked it out, I wasn’t surprised it was! when I took it for the first flight, I had never flown a drone before in my life, so obviously I crashed it multiple times. But that’s when I discovered that it was like a tank! I mean this thing is really durable!

Flying experience

I have had a great time over all flying this thing, but i have had a few issues. First of all, I love how easy it is to fly and how much control you have over it. The range is 200 feet until it looses conection, and I just fly it for fun so I have never came close to that distance. Now the thing is, it comes with one battery and one plug. But the thing is that the battery only lasts 7 minutes on an hours charge. Like seriously?!?!?! But what i did is bought a twenty dollar pack of a quad charger and like 4 extra batteries. This solves the problem easily. I think they could improve the battery life in their next seiries of drones but until then, I still like how easy it is to fly the drone.


I really really like the design of this and especially, as I already mentioned, how extremely durable it is. I personally bought some blue guards and land pads so its not just all white. I recomend you do the smae. Just so you get the design, here is a picture.

The camera

The camera on this comes with the drone and also has a micro sd card that you just slide in the camera, and a sd card reader. The video quality is of course not good, but it could be a lot worse. The camera can take clear pictures and ok videos but you cant expect much from a drone camera unless you get a really fancy drone made for photography.


In conclusion, if your on a budget and want a drone, DEFINITLY go for this drone. I would say it the best for the price still.

Thanks for reading to the end, I hope you enjoyed this and my other posts down below! just scroll on down there, you know you want to. goodbye!




Acer Aspire E15


There are many different reasons I decided to purchase this computer. I will go ahead and tell you the major ones. I first wanted to be able to write blog posts on a decent laptop instead of a 1600’s mac mini set up to a TV that I made the mistake of updating it to the “latest and greatest” update for it. now it doesn’t run anything. I also wanted to produce better videos for my youtube channel (use better editors and upload faster). But I just want to do things on a computer that a phone cant do.


Now, I’m not too smart in this kind of stuff, so if you’re looking for a detailed summary and review of this computer than click away now! I will just give my thoughts and opinions so far and what I like and dislike about it.

unboxing & first look

This came in a simple cardboard box that was surprisingly flat. I opened it up and the computer sides were in smaller cardboard boxes where the top had bubble wrap stuff over it. I tore it out (carefully) and grabbed the charger, assuming it came with no battery and plugged it in. After a few seconds, it showed the best screen of my life, my first personal laptop screen, ACER was in front of a soothing green background and I was filled with excitement by then!

The set up was very fast and easy, but the one thing I didn’t know that everyone who is getting this should, is that there is a very long update process that takes place after the setup, but I didn’t know there was a small button that said go home while updating……. so I had to wait till it was at like 80 percent which took a really long time until I figured out the button. overall I think this computer is nicely designed and I love how the screen doesn’t reflect anything to. The keys light up after you press Fn, F9, at the same time and to save battery they turn off after a few seconds of no usage, but pop right back on if you hit a key. It isn’t top-heavy so it doesn’t fall down easily and it is a really nice weight. I am currently running about 10 downloads at once to get it set up, steam games, normal games, other steam games, more normal games and a few other things. I like the spongy keys and how the resolution looks.

I don’t really have any dislikings so far, except a personal problem, which is I have used Chromebooks or macs my whole life that was either a school computer, or the reason I got a new computer, and I got so used to chrome books I think it will take me some time to get used to this now.


I definitely recommend you buying this computer for the price of 350 dollars on Amazon. I love it and I hope you will love it too! thanks for reading and goodbye!



How I Got 5 Pounds of Candy


I’m going to tell you how I got my five pounds of delicious candy! first, my neighbor and I drew our route. We both remembered the good and bad houses from the previous year and used that info to our advantage in trick or treating. After we planned our route and wrote it down, we were ready to begin the adventure!


We started off by getting all of our neighbors, as usual, but after that is when the fun really began… we circumnavigated our neighboorhood and slowly moved outwards towards the good stuff. After getting a pretty good distance away from our homes, we came upon this house that had a massive amount of decoration and was looking like the homeowner was very serious about the holiday. We walked towards it and noticed this big cauldron on the front porch. We both knew it could only be I one thing….. we ran towards it and when we looked in, the massive amounts of candy filled our glimmering eyes. We immediately helped ourselves and felt not a single drop of guilt, because we both knew there was enough candy in here to fill tons of pillowcases (our method of storing candy) so we filled ours about half way!

After that, we got a ride to the most well-known trick or treating neighborhood in town. We filled our bags even more after that. by then it was around 9:00, and we were both tired and our feet were hurting. We went back home and traded our candy so we were both satisfied with our loot. I took my ten-pound weight, held it in one hand, held my candy in the other, and to my surprise they were about the same weight!


Thanks for reading to the end and I hope you got a lot of candy as well. also, go check out my PumpkinMasters carving kit review post down below.

Have a good day.

Pumpkin Masters carving kit?

good or bad?

well today I, attempted, to use this 3$ pumpkin carving kit.

I started off trying off trying the hardest design in the book, which was a mistake. I started off carving the bigger simpler parts and that went well, but after I got past those and to the details, it ended up in a huge mess that you couldn’t make out to look like as a vampire. I then came back an hour later and decided to try one of the simpler designs, which ended up amazing! I completed the spider and heres the final product!

I personally think that it looks pretty cool!

I definitely recommend using a more simple design than one of the harder ones they have. thanks for joining me and hope you read on!


First Post


This is my website.

My name is Dax Chatham and on this website, I will be doing reviews of all things. I might blog about some other things like fun places in Asheville for kids, and even better, I am a kid so I know! hope you enjoy my blogs and thanks for reading to the end of this one. have a good day!