The $30 Dollar Drone, Syma X5C

The Drone

So. I got this $30 drone for Christmas last year at my grandparent’s house, and from the first look, it was great! This was the best drone for the price at that time and after I opened it up and checked it out, I wasn’t surprised it was! when I took it for the first flight, I had never flown a drone before in my life, so obviously I crashed it multiple times. But that’s when I discovered that it was like a tank! I mean this thing is really durable!

Flying experience

I have had a great time over all flying this thing, but i have had a few issues. First of all, I love how easy it is to fly and how much control you have over it. The range is 200 feet until it looses conection, and I just fly it for fun so I have never came close to that distance. Now the thing is, it comes with one battery and one plug. But the thing is that the battery only lasts 7 minutes on an hours charge. Like seriously?!?!?! But what i did is bought a twenty dollar pack of a quad charger and like 4 extra batteries. This solves the problem easily. I think they could improve the battery life in their next seiries of drones but until then, I still like how easy it is to fly the drone.


I really really like the design of this and especially, as I already mentioned, how extremely durable it is. I personally bought some blue guards and land pads so its not just all white. I recomend you do the smae. Just so you get the design, here is a picture.

The camera

The camera on this comes with the drone and also has a micro sd card that you just slide in the camera, and a sd card reader. The video quality is of course not good, but it could be a lot worse. The camera can take clear pictures and ok videos but you cant expect much from a drone camera unless you get a really fancy drone made for photography.


In conclusion, if your on a budget and want a drone, DEFINITLY go for this drone. I would say it the best for the price still.

Thanks for reading to the end, I hope you enjoyed this and my other posts down below! just scroll on down there, you know you want to. goodbye!